Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Lincoln Mining Corporation is committed to providing to its shareholders and potential investors with current and relevant information on its projects, activities and developments. The Company endeavors to place information on its website in a timely manner.   

The website of Lincoln Mining Corporation does not collect information about its visitors other than the information which is provided by visitors, which is used for internal purposes only. 

Lincoln Mining collects personal information when a shareholder or a visitor contacts the Company through the website from the Contact Us page or from the Quick Sign Up page or when an email is sent to [email protected] with comments, requests for more information, or when a visitor is subscribing to receive news releases. This information is retained by the Company and used only as a service to provide its shareholders and interested parties with current information.   

Lincoln Mining will make reasonable efforts to ensure that this information is accurate and well maintained. The Company is committed to this privacy statement and will take reasonable security measures to protect and ensure the security of this personal information.

If you have any concerns relating to the privacy or confidentiality of this website, please contact Paul Saxton, President & CEO at (604) 688-7377.